Russian Cinema Club

of Alexandra Dementieva


Alexandra and Nadine kindly welcome everyone for our RusClub
on Monday 29 of August 2022 at 20.00

ADDRESS: Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf, 1000 Brussels

RusClub is a gathering once a month where Alexandra Dementieva presents us Russian movies.

Alexandra Dementieva is the Russian cinema specialist.

Before the film Alexandra explains the creation of the film (in English)
After the film there is a discussion and a drink.

Free admission

Please feel free to bring some movie-snacks or movie-drink for after movie

The RusClub #55 takes place on Monday the 29 of August 2022 at 20.00, doors open at 19.30 and

the movie that will be shown is:

Generation P

Duration  1H 52m,  2011

Director: Victor Ginzburg

Writers: Djina Ginzburg (screenplay) Victor Ginzburg (screenplay) Viktor Pelevin (novel)

Stars: Vladimir Epifantsev, Mikhail Efremov, Andrey Fomin


English subtitles

Based on the Viktor Pelevin novel, Generation P deals largely in hallucinations, including a speech from Che Guevara's about how and why television is ruining humanity. However, the alternate reality is translucent enough that we can clearly see Moscow as it was in the 1990s where the story takes place. Babylen Tatarskiy has found his place life at a PR agency. He promotes western brands by adapting them to the 'Russian mindset'. Smart, brilliantly funny and full of visual effects and revelations, the film tells a crystal clear yet complex story of how former pioneers fall into the service of the goddess Ishtar, and how the Pepsi generation chose Coke. (imdb)