Russian Cinema Club

of Alexandra Dementieva


Alexandra and Nadine kindly welcome everyone for our RusClub
on Monday the 6 of December at 20.00

ADDRESS: Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf, 1000 Brussels


Due to the COVID restriction, we have a limited number of seats.

Please let us know if you will come sending an email to


RusClub is a gathering once a month where Alexandra Dementieva presents us Russian movies.

Alexandra Dementieva is the Russian cinema specialist.

Before the film Alexandra explains the creation of the film (in English)
After the film there is a discussion and a drink.


Free admission

Please feel free to bring some movie-snacks or movie-drink…for after movie

The RusClub #50 takes place on Monday the 6 of December at 20.00, doors open at 19.30 and

the movie that will be shown is:



Pugalo (original title)


1h 12min 

Director: Dmitry Davydov
Writers: Dmitry Davydov
Stars: Anilena Guryeva, Valentina Romanova, Anatoly Struchkov, Arthur Zakharov

English subtitles


“Scarecrow” is a small budget drama with elements of supernatural in the northernmost parts of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). 

The Scarecrow (Valentina Romanova-Chyskyyrai) is a traditional healer. In her village people avoid and fear her but on the other, they go to her when there is no one else to go to.  She is a hermit, a drinker, a holy fool and a healer. But she does not help everyone: every great gift is always a curse, therefore, the disease taken away from the other settles in the healer herself with poison and goes down the throat with black bile.